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Italian’s Do it Better!

…or so the saying goes! I feel very privileged to have had my second novel, Wicked Wives published in Italy this October. The translation, Mogli Infedeli (Cheating Wives) just sounds so much more, well, sexier in Italian don’t you agree?

When my debut novel, Chelsea Wives (La Rivincita delle MogliThe Revenge of the Wives – see what I mean?) launched out there last year I took a trip over to Rome to see my publishers and celebrate with copious amounts of quality Prosecco, like you must. As I strutted through the airport (no one walks in Italy, they strut) I was stunned to see a huge billboard with my cover emblazoned upon it and my books stacked high in shop windows. It was a real Carrie from Sex and the City moment! I have to confess to going into one of the bookshops and staring at the cover until the assistant asked me if I needed help (or perhaps she was politely asking me to leave – my Italian isn’t so great). Seriously love those moments as a writer…truly unforgettable.

Ironically, before I’d signed the Italian deal I had already made one of the main female protagonists in Wicked Wives a strong, feisty and a lot naughty Italian lady by the name of Loretta! I have a bit of a thing about Italy and the Italians. I adore the way the women are unashamedly feminine and unafraid of their sexuality. And don’t even get me started on the men…

Incidentally, when I first Googled ‘Mogli Infedeli’ I was directed to an Italian Porn website (nothing to do with me, I assure you!). So if you want to see the cover without blushing, check it out below.

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