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Where there’s pleasure, there’s pain


As I sit here in bed typing this in my Pj’s and a leopard print coat (hey, it’s freezing in the UK, OK), I am planning out the next scene of my latest novel, (it has a working title but I won’t tell you yet, I’m a bit superstitious like that). It’s early days but I’ve already written over 17,000 words. While there’s still a long way to go, what I can tell you is that there’s already been adultery, some serious cougar action, sex on a sun lounger, some dark skulduggery and a violent plane crash – and I’m only on chapter ten! This novel is perhaps a little darker than my last two but it still contains lashings of glamour, excess, intrigue, revenge, sex, sins and some very dark secrets…. It’s a bonkbuster with an edge! Anyway, I can’t wait to finish it…and I can’t wait for you guys to read it, so keep watching this space….

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